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About our company

Focusing on making profits trading valuable assets

Telecomsnet Exchange LTD is an international commercial gold mining and investment organization, it was created for the purpose of providing it's members with the safest and most secure Gold investment services, with the best possible and achievable returns at the best risk management framework. There are no unrealistic promises presented here, just steady and consistent result.

We leverage our years of experience in the Gold mining and investing space and our strong industry relationships to co-invest in a portfolio of leading Precious stones.

Our cross-knowledge strength comes from our different background as entrepreneurs, legal and financial professionals. Vast majority of our partners comes from the field of Gold mining with close partnerships with venture capitalists, hedge funds, and big mining facilities across Asia and Europe.

  • Continous Innovation – we keep involving in utilization of new technology.

  • Effective Management – we employ extensive high discipline and experience insight in decision making.

  • Strategy & Planning – we keep focus on technology and industries that evolves needs of today's investor.

  • Mining Technology – We believe in using state of the art mining systems to transform all sector in the economy and we venture in it's early age.

  • NFT’s – We believe in the bilion dollar opportunity in nft's and our art department has been doing amazing job in creating non fungible token that are sold at various nft marketplace, We are also building our own nft marketplace connecting buyers and creators easily.

Why choose us

We're ready to share our experience.

For us, responsible investment is a way to get the best possible return for you in the long term. We’ve always believed that companies that conduct their business in a responsible and sustainable way are more likely to succeed over time, benefiting both you and society. Bad practices don’t just hit the headlines, they hit the bottom line as well.

Mining Innovation
Network Data Pro
Gold Investment

We believe that disruptive innovation deserves unbiased education and user-friendly investment products. In collaboration with our investment manager partners, we work to bring Wall Street standards for research, risk management and transparency to digital asset investing.

The future is full of questions. We believe in the power of integration to defy uncertainty, creating opportunity and providing investors with confidence in their investment decisions and outcomes. That’s why we integrate our whole business around you – the outcomes you want, the values you hold, the experience you’ll have when you invest with us.

We are always working towards creating more relevant, genuine, valuable outcomes for everyone. And the more people we do this with, the better.

Full Insurance

Your deposits are fully insured against any sharp jumps on the exchange, collapses, force majeure. We are also one of the first to find out about all the changes in the world of Gold.

Keep Abreast

Integration with European, American and South Asian exchanges allows us to keep abreast of all events and respond in a timely manner and take the right decision in case of sharp jumps on the exchange.

Active Influence

We use our influence through engagement and voting to promote sustainable business practices, gain insight and reduce investment risk. And we’re not afraid to call out bad performance.

Continous Innovation

By bringing together our knowledge, skill and creativity across major asset classes and Precious stones, disciplines and regions globally we can unearth great investment opportunities for you.

Statistics Facts

We push accountabilty and transparency.

We work to bring Wall street standards for research, risk management and transparency to Gold Investment.









Investment Offers

Here comes a path to break forth into the millionaire benefactors league!


20.00% RIO Daily

Contract Duration: 1 Days

Initial Capital: $100

Limit Capital: $1000

Total RIO: 20.00%

Referral Bonus: 5%

24/7 Hours Support


30.00% RIO Daily

Contract Duration: 3 Days

Initial Capital: $1000

Limit Capital: $10000

Total RIO: 30.00%

Referral Bonus: 5%

24/7 Hours Support

Loan Enabled


50.00% RIO Daily

Contract Duration: 7 Days

Initial Capital: $10000

Limit Capital: UNLIMITED

Total RIO: 50.00%

Referral Bonus: 5%

24/7 Hours Support

Loan Enabled


12.50% RIO Daily

Contract Duration: 21 Days

Initial Capital: $500

Limit Capital: UNLIMITED

Total RIO: 12.50%

Referral Bonus: 5%

24/7 Hours Support

Loan Enabled

Our Services

Join us today and be a beneficiary of the tech


Buy and sell Gold and other related precious metals and stones and keep track of them in one place


For added security, store your assets in a vault with time delayed withdrawals. You can even choose to be penalized for early withdrawal.


Put your trading in autopilot with our automatic trading feature. Set your investment amount and period then leave the rest to our trading bot.


Telecomsnet Exchange LTD supports a wide range of the most popular digital currencies.


Gold stored in our vaults is covered by our insurance policy.


We store virtually all of the assets in secure offline storage.

Our Expert Team

Meet Our Professional Team


Engr Mohammed Mosad


Dr Ahmed Salem

Regional Manager

Mr Leonald LLoris

Financial Manager

Nicole Lee

Marketing Manager


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