How to Reduce High Website Bounce Rate 

Have you done recent analysis on your website, and it shows that your website have High website Bounce Rate and you might be new or confuse on what it means and what it does and probably the possible solution to Reduce High website Bounce Rate at minimum level?

Bounce rate is simply the measure of time a visitor spends on your website.

What can be the measure of time a visitor spend on your website?

A visitor can stay up to seconds, minutes, hours, day on your website.

What is the best score for bounce rate on website pages?

Website Bounce Rate statistic ranged from 0-100%

And it can categorize as either “LOW OR HIGH”

Low bounce rate ranged from 0-50%

High bounce rate ranged from 60-100%

So if your website’s Bounce Rate falls in the range of 0-50%, Kudos! You have a very good bounce rate scores.

If yours is within 60-100%, there is much room for improving your bounce rate, which is my main aim of writing this article.

What tool can one use to check bounce rate of a website?

There are many available tools that are used to check for any website bounce rate scores.

The most widely and accepted tool used for getting accurate websites Bounce Rate statistics are Google search analytics, or you can also make use of Alexa tools. There are some others tools you can utilize, feel free to search for it.

Uhm! I think that definition up-there is simple to grab.

So let’s continue….

Some amateur webmasters don’t or never pays attention to the impact bounce rate has on every page of their website. I called them “amateur” because all advanced webmasters should understand what bounce rate is, and its importance.

Some might thought, what is actually the benefit of improving bounce rate on website, is it necessary for one to improve bounce rate on their website pages?.

There are many benefits that you can have if your website bounce rate is at low range.

Now How do you feel when you visit a certain website, but you find out that their articles are not catchy enough or worth spending your time to read. Are you still going to keep navigating through that website pages? I guess you will press the back button immediately!

So this quite analyzed also how your visitors behave if they logged in to your website and finds out that your website doesn’t live up to expectations.

Now let’s look at How To Reduce High website Bounce Rate:

What I wanted to discuss here are the things that cause high bounce rate and also how to maintain low bounce rate on any website.

  1. Site load/speed: This is the most important factor to consider when you are thinking of reducing High website Bounce Rate. There are possibilities that visitors will stop visiting your site once they discovered that your site is very sluggish when loading.

I can bet you that no visitors can spend close to 3 minutes waiting for your site to load.

 The worst is that search engines will be ranking you lower among other sites that you are competing with. So be wary of your site load time.

Try to always ask your friends to help review your sites in other to check the time it takes it to load. Because it may be fast on your device but slow in your visitors devices.

(Although network, browser, etc. can contribute to this) but nevertheless you are required to make it easier for anyone to access your site even at lowest network status.

 This will place help place you on the good record of search engine and also becomes visitor’s favorite sites. So pay attention to your site load time if you want to reduce your bounce rate.

  1. Site Design:When a visitor visits your website, the first thing that mainly got their attention is how beautiful your website interface looks. Just like in the case of where you are made to choose to live between an old house that looks uglier than modern house with all modern home accessories there.

Will you prefer to live in an old house to a new modern house? I guess the answer is NO! As a webmaster, you must pay attention to your site design.

There is need to always use simple design and also learn how to combine colors when designing to give your site that simple but elegant look.

  1. Site structure:Another thing is site structure, how you structure your site will also determine how long your visitors will be spending on your site.

You have to build your site in a way that it will be easy for visitors to access when they are on your site.

Have your navigation bar at where it will be visible to display different category of your site.

Place a search button at the top or at the sidebar to help your visitor easily look-up for any article or data they need on your site.

  1. Site content:having a site with nice design, fast load time, cool features. But the content on the site is not worth any visitor to your site wasting time on.

It’s true that I mentioned “site load, site structure, site design” but that does not all that reduce your bounce rate.

If the content on your site does not engage your visitors, then know that you are on the wrong track.

You have to be updating your site content daily so that you will keep your visitors engaged. It will be boring for any visitor to visit your site and finds out that the date of the last time you published an article is “2 months ago or weeks”. That visitor will conclude that the site owner is not serious or he/she have abandoned it.

So try as much as possible to be posting new content to your site daily or 4 -5 times a week to Reduce High website Bounce Rate and maintain good rankings on search engines.

  1. Irrelevant ads: we know that lots of webmasters earn through adverts or affiliate marketing they put on their site, but when placed wrongly can be a stumbling block to achieving low bounce rate. Having adverts that pops-up or redirect your visitor to another site that is entirely different from what they want when they click on any link on your site will make one to have a second thought when next he/she want to use your site.

So if you really want to Reduce High website Bounce Rate, you have to pay attention to the type of advert you place on your site.

Reducing bounce rate is simply by making your website lively and erasing anything, which can scare your visitors away from your website.

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