Reason why influencer marketing is right for every business

Do you know that there are over billions of users on different social media platform such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp? This platform has the huge number of active users in which percentage of them could be your potential clients only if you knew how to target or finds them but am I going to expose them all to you.

From my knowledge as a digital marketer, I noticed that most users online are particular interested in following social media influencers or celebrities and are always eager to either share, comment, like any post they shared on their page including adverts of any kind. This is because the influencers have mastered the act of social media user’s behavior and are well knowledgeable on how to monetize it as well.

Now for a newbie in online business, this will be a lot frustrating at first thought but if given a wise thought will be a good approach in promoting your business online.

The question here is:how do this people became an influencer

Most of the successful influencers are those that can bring in a trending and viral content to the social media platforms or can follow up trends and add something that can attract people interest towards that content. This also aid them to get more followers that will love to always have idea of the latest happenings in the society.

Another important details’ influencer used to attract attentions to themselves is the ability to post humorous content or videos and the best of it all is being controversial.

Influencers are not limited to entertainment, they vary in so many categories such as health, politics, science, technology, engineering and several other fields etc.

Companies, individuals, policies, enterprises, universities etc. pays influencers to advertise their business, services, products, events, concerts, articles, publishing and reports depending on the number of followers they have and also user engagements of the influencer.

Influencers are most times used for adverts not because they have the large number of followers, but they have strategy that will make any adverts to go viral and expands to millions of social media users aside their followers.

They also have loyal and active followers, and it won’t be hard in convincing them to patronize any adverts they place because of high level of trusts their social media followers entrusted on them.

A good influencer always makes sure that any advert they are placing on their page adheres to its contents policy and also according to the category they based on.

They also consider behaviors of its followers such as if they are mainly adults, youths and with their age range as well.

They know how damaging and disastrous it can be if they post any adverts or controversial contents that is mainly against their audience factors, which can make some percentage of their audience lose interest and unfollow them immediately.

There is high possibility of getting loyal customers that can patronize your business or services when you advertise your products or services through the help of an influencer. And please bear it in mind that the business/services you wanted to advertise is legit and also very trustworthy because poor reviews from their followers while the advert is still active may damage your online business reputation and I bet you it’s never a good way to start because it will spread among your potential customers so never have the mindset of defrauding or scamming when advertising your

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