Tapping the online business gold mine

The internet is growing into a world of its own where there are various activities going on in which have change our daily lives, how we talk with friends, family, relatives.

It has created in us human being a mindset of its own that we use to associate with our fellow human and things around us.

Most of the things we can do in real world are basically shifted on the internet, and they are made easier and comfortable just like in our culture to buy and read newspapers, magazines, books, articles, library journals from vendors or stores, but today you can comfortably read any of your favorites with the aid of your smartphone or computer just in your place of comforts.

Many things have changed including the conventional way of visiting shopping outlets to buy and sell our desired goods, but today you can choose to just order for any goods you want with the aid of your smart devices from your favorite ecommerce platform, and it will be delivered to your doorstep without you even knowing what the company looks like and sorts.

So many smart devices and tools are at our disposal which help us to experience and explore the internet world anywhere we are on earth at our convenient time.

The internet has made it possible and easier for us to interact and also visually see and communicate with people from all walks of life.

Some use it as an avenue to make new friends, business talks, buying or providing one services or the other.

Many smart minds discovered that there’s a gold mine in this internet world, and then they started exploring possible ways they can solve problems people are facing or what they think that can make the internet life easier for its billions of users.

Different early startups started springing up in regard to this and most are successful till today, while most have already close down or merge due to heavy competition they face. While some are subdued due to lack of innovations, trends, strategies, competitive spirit, vision etc.

Ecommerce Companies like Amazon, eBay, jumia, konga discovered this gold mine, and they are tapping from this gem on the internet.

Have you ever wondered why some top successful companies in the world are those that have their business and services niche online?

Jeff Bezos (founder of Amazon) is among the top 5 richest man in the whole world?

Facts have proven that there are over 5billion people on the internet, 50% of them are those that needed one services or the other.

The CEO of Amazon was among the few that discovered earlier the importance of ecommerce on the internet.

Now ask yourself what can I do to target at least 1% of these billions of people so that they can patronize whatever services I have to offer online?

Mark Zuckerberg the founder of Facebook utilized this opportunity because he discovered that billions of people in the world requires a medium which they can be using to communicate to friends, business partners, families etc. he developed the social media platform called Facebook.

Larry Page, the founder of Google, checked the internet ecosystem and learned that there is something lacking which requires human thinking to accomplish. He built the search engine to aid people to find solutions to their questions easily and today Google search engine is the most used search engine in the world.

Jeff Bezos founded Amazon, the largest ecommerce company in the world. He discovered that people need a digital marketing place where they can buy or sell their products without any difficulty. Amazon have become a household name in most countries and continents today because of their consistency, standards, safety, satisfaction, trustworthy, creativity, innovation, quality and professional attributes that exists in their company till date.

Although Amazon is not the only top successful ecommerce company in the world, but they got a fair percentage of revenues that comes from ecommerce business yearly.

Linda Ikeji, the most successful and richest blogger in Nigeria, started blogging as from 2006 till date. She noticed that people always have interest to read the latest gist’s on whatever that is happening in the society online. She tapped from that aspect and make it a point to get any available info happening currently in the society and update in her blog.

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