The effect of technology on personal safety cannot be overemphasized, as it has both positive and negative sides. It is quite evident that technology has improved the way we humans think, communicate and associate with ourselves and the environment.

Technology is evolving and advancing every day, with lots of smart startups bringing up technological innovation that will ease humans’ life. But notwithstanding, there are positive and negative effects associated with technology on our personal safety.

Positive Effect of Technology on Personal Safety

There are lots of positive effects technology has brought to human lives and society at large. In terms of our health, we can never doubt how medical scientists have made improvements in keeping humans healthy and strong. Also, in terms of education, technology has made tremendous improvement in our education. With the advent of the internet, most of the things we can do offline have shifted to the Internet and made it significantly more accessible and stress-free.

Just like in our culture to buy, and read newspapers, magazines, books, articles, and library journals from vendors or stores. But today, you can choose to comfortably read any of your favorites with your devices in the form of an e-book, video, podcast and even attend online classes from the comfort of your home. Briefly, technology has made our daily life easier and much more comfortable.

We can stay at home and do our normal business virtually using various workspace tools. During Covid-19, most companies adopted remote working style whereby staffs can stay at home and attend to their assigned tasks using their devices.

While this might be seen as great innovation, most people still feel bored working from home, in the sense that they need to feel the working atmosphere and communicate physically with colleagues.

Negative Effect of Technology on Personal Safety

While we commend the positive role technology has played in our personal safety, we cannot neglect the negative effect of it on human life and the environment.

There has been a recent increase in depression, cybercrime, lack of physical interaction among families, friends etc. which has been caused due to much focus on social media and other platforms.

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. are tools that drive cybercrime, lack of physical interaction and depression among people in society. Most social media users tend to do all they can to achieve blue tick and garner thousands and millions of followers by creating organic content, while some post pictures of their lavish lifestyle to attract followers on their page. On the other hand, some users with low self-esteem are always afraid of getting poor engagements on their contents and thus tend to either start living a fake life to attract users.

Negative effects of social media can in turn bring about depression and distort our personal safety.

Personal safety has been alternated in the sense that most of us cannot stay for a minute without our mobile devices. It serves as our best friend that even when on hangout with friends or families, everybody tends to hold on to their phones either making a video or doing other personal stuff.

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